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Twitter : iPhone Case Design


We created a Lichtenstein-esque illustration for Twitter as part of their exploration into phone case production.


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Conan O'Brien Presents Team Coco : Universal App & Website, UX/UI, IA, Branding, Illustration

Team Coco's universal app was designed for fast access to the latest clips and full episodes of CONAN plus the entire digital archive of video clips, articles, jokes, photos, and gifs.


Special features were built into the app to be utilized during show travel or sponsorship opportunities. Team Coco Sync was a companion to the live show with behind the scenes material. CONAN 360° which integrated 3rd party technology. The app offered 360° interaction with clips from the show and remotes taped around town.


All aspects of design and production were incorporated from content auditing, wireframes, UX/UI, iconography, to optimizing across android and iOS.


Team Coco's website was responsively designed to offer a massive database of archival show content. features the latest CONAN clips, full episodes, scraps,

"Interweb Exclusive" material, fan-generated content, and contests. The site structure is of a modular nature and easily transmutable for various content types or sub-brands.


As part of the Team Coco Digital Brand, several sub-brands were created for contests, partners, sponsorships, or Conan O'Brien produced shows. Some of these included CONAN Dallas, Conan State University, Occupy Conan, Deon Cole's Black Box, The Pete Holmes Show, and many others. Identity, microsites, web and mobile applications, and digital promotional materials were created for each as needed.


Deliverables included a comprehensive content audit, look and feel explorations, wireframes, UX/UI, iconography, illustration, and visual design.

MyLyme : IA, UX/UI, Brand Strategy


The MyLyme app is designed to help patients navigate their treatment protocol by offering a timed protocol, push notification reminders, symptom tracker with option to send the report to a doctor, Lyme contacts database, location-based ER locater, and an easy way to order prescription and supplement refills. Branding was kept minimal, clean, and easily applicable to other chronic illnesses.


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Kore : Emoji Set


We created a set of flat emoji for a web and mobile app. We directed the creative to be friendly, fun, colorful, engaging, and to appeal to a young, savvy demographic.


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SoundCloud : UX/UI & Branding


Translating the product of "sound" into an icon resulted in a simplified mark that would work successfully on both web and mobile applications.


UI elements created included a dock icon and interface elements for the SoundCloud desktop app as well as iconography and production for web, mobile and desktop applications. UX included an intro tour of the mobile app which tied in SoundCloud's new brand position and Creative Direction.

UX and visual design were created for, SoundCloud 101s, SoundCloud Meetups, premium pages, conferences, newsletters, corporate communication pieces, and much more.


Illustration and product photography were incorporated into an expanded visible language as part of the startup's early moves into structuring a brand identity.


Project involved wireframes, UX/UI, creative direction, marketing copy, and hand-drawn illustration.

Oracle : Illustration Collection Redesign


This project was a translation of over 200 simplistic icons into colorful illustrations to be used at varying scale and usage across several global departments.


We developed look and feel mocks, an extended color palette, content ideation, and a comprehensive set of illustrations.


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Samsung : Social Media Campaign


This project brief was a to create a series of social media campaigns for seasonal and product launch promotions. These were photoshop heavy, text-free compositions utilizing stock images and client supplied product shots.


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Friendsurance : Brand & Product Design


This project included an audit of the startup's brand and identity system, product and marketing communications design, followed by a brand evolution and redesign of all elements.


Working with a new concept in the European startup insurance field, simplification and visual storytelling were key in aiding quick understanding of the product by its potential users. A focused, brightened identity system incorporated interactive data visualization, illustration, and crisp photography.


We were hands-on at each step providing extensive wireframing, UX/UI, visible language design, identity system design, creative direction, and production for product and marketing needs.


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Lyme Stats : Branding, Creative Direction & Statistics Design


Begun as a way to raise awareness to the political and medical epidemic that is Lyme disease, Lyme Stats combines illustration, information and statistics, and campaign design to spread messaging. Designs were generated one per day and promoted a White House and Congressional petition under the same branding umbrella. The website,, was created as well as a series of tees. Individual designs were promoted through aggressive social media campaigns which helped to generate approximately 1000 signatures per day to the White House petition.


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